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5 best eco-friendly water bottles

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The future will not consist of millions or billions of people throwing away single-use plastic bottles. This needs to change, for real!

So show this post to your people, get them to change their ways! Urgently.

The average adult in London buys up to three single-use water bottles a WEEK, that’s 175 bottles per year per person! (London Gov, 2019) And that’s just in London alone. 

Imagine the detrimental effects to the planet with usage levels varying around the planet! Yo, that’s plastic contaminating the entire planet.

We don’t have to behave this way, it’s in part corporate profiteering but also human behaviour and Government legislation that is to blame for this shameful attitude we have towards our beloved planet.

Make your change

Now, as average human beings we can only make an impact on an individual basis, that we can do by using reusable water bottles.

But, it’s not just single-use plastic water bottles that contaminates the environment. According to (Green Alliance, 2019), “shifting away from plastic to different materials will cause different environmental issues”. 

Meaning that we need to stop using single-use containers whether they’re made from single-use plastic, glass or even aluminium. 

And according to (The Guardian, 2016), plastic production reached 311m tonnes in 2014, while 5% is recycled effectively, 40% ends up in landfill.

Seriously guys! As if that’s not dreadful to hear all by itself!

You need to hear this: by 2050, the overall weight of plastic pollution in the sea, could weigh more than all of the fish in the oceans by 2050, that’s more plastic by weight than fish btw!

While this seemingly ineffective nightmare gets even worse as plastic production continues to double even quadruple in production.

It’s only left to each one of us to help put a stop to that, by using reusable products as opposed to single-use ones.

It starts with each one of us individually, why wait any longer?

Therefore we need to shift away from the concept of single-use and start buying reusable. 

We’ve listed some of our favourite reusable water bottles here. If we’ve managed to convince you to change your ways even in the slightest, please share this post! Yo! Planet Earth needs you. recommends these eco-friendly water bottles

Examples of eco-friendly water bottles
Black + Blum Charcoal 0.8L water filter bottle with cartridges bundle (red) (6 months of Black + Blum Binchotan Charcoal) (1 cartridge)

Black + Blum Charcoal 0.8L

Last known price: £27.00
Bobble Classic 0.7L water filter bottle with cartridges bundle (red) (2 months of Bobble Classic) (1 cartridge)
Invigorated Water pH REVIVE Alkaline 0.7L water bottle bundle (aqua) (1 month of Invigorated Water PH003 Alkaline Ionized) (1 cartridge)
Bobble Sport 0.65L water filter bottle with cartridges bundle (purple) (2 months of Bobble Classic) (1 cartridge)
Bobble Insulate 0.44L water bottle (diamonds)



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