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5 best kettles with illumination


Kettles are boring, they boil water and that’s about it right? Sometimes we need to just “up their game” with some fanciful illumination.

Fortunately there are many kettles available that allow us to visualise the water boiling process with an integrated light show.

Yeah really, integrated light shows, what we’ve always wanted right? AKA illumination though. We just wanted to improve appeal ha!

So let’s get heat bubbling that cold water in style.

Here are some of our favourite kettles with illumination, YO! Enjoy. recommends these kettles with a illumination

Examples of kettles with illumination
Breville VKJ557 1.5L kettle (black) (3000w)
Russell Hobbs Glass Line 1.7L kettle (transparent) (3000w)
Hamilton Beach 1.7L kettle (transparent) (1500w)
Breville Crystal 1.7L kettle (transparent) (3000w)
Breville Curve 1.7L kettle (black) (3000w)


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