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Compare water filter products that reduce levels of Bromoform in your drinking water

Bromoform is used in geological tests as a fluid to test for mineral ore separation, additionally, it is used as a laboratory reagent and in the electronics industry for Quality Assurance. Traditionally, Bromoform was used as a solvent for wax, grease, oils and additionally in fire-resistant chemicals and in fluid gauges.  Drinking water disinfected with chlorine, bromine or bromine compounds can be a route to human exposure.  The short-term exposure to high levels of Bromoform can affect the nervous system and slow down brain functions,  it can also injure the kidneys and liver. Long-term exposure to high levels of Bromoform have not been fully studied, however, animal studies suggest that it can affect the liver, kidneys and central nervous system. Other incomplete studies suggest a positive correlation between levels of Bromoform in drinking water and the incidence of several tumour types, but this research is inconclusive.