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Compare water filter products that reduce levels of Styrene in your drinking water

Styrene is an easily evaporating colourless synthetic chemical, which is often presented in a form of liquid with a sweet aroma. The chemical is known under other names: vinylbenzene, ethenylbenzene, cinnamene, or phenylethylene. Traces of styrene are found in food, however, the majority of styrene is generated commercially to produce rubber, plastic, insulation, fibreglass, pipes, automobile parts, food containers, and carpet backing. The production and use of chemical cause water, soil and air pollution. It must be noted that styrene would rapidly reduce in soil and evaporate from water into the atmosphere, which makes air the main route of exposure. Styrene is found in combustion products like automobile exhaust and cigarettes. Exposure to styrene would greatly affect the neural system: partial hearing and colour vision loss, vestibular effects, neurotoxicity symptoms (“feeling drunk” and fatigue), reaction time delays, attention and memory impairment. Last but not least, styrene has been classified as a human carcinogen.