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Compare water filter products that reduce levels of Toluene in your drinking water

Toluene is a clear liquid with a unique odour. It is present naturally in crude oil and the tolu tree. The colourless liquid is also a by-product of various fuels (eg gasoline) that are processed from crude oil and making coke from coal. Toluene is a solvent and is often used in paint and paint thinners, as well as in lacquers, adhesives, rubber and other processes. Toluene is rarely found in food or water and the main route of exposure to the contaminant is through breathing in car fumes and cigarette smoke, and through using various paints and polishes. Minor exposure to toluene can affect the nervous system: weakness and fatigue, memory loss and confusion, nausea and loss of appetite are common symptoms of low exposure. Some occupations can lead to long-term exposure to toluene and would manifest itself in partial hearing and color vision loss.