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The KRUPS Pod or capsule coffee machine (KRUPS Nespresso Essenza Mini) in Black has: Automatic switch off, Collecting tank for used pods and capsules, Descale warning, Dishwasher safe parts, Incorporated crema machine, Magnetic pod holder, Power save mode, Programmable buttons, Programmable water sizing, Recyclable pods. The power output for this Pod or capsule coffee machine is around 1200w. Anything greater than 2000W should be considered quite high. It can produce a maximum of 1 cup from one tank fill. Therefore the water tank capacity is 0.6L. This Pod or capsule coffee machine produces a delicious Espresso, Lungo and you will need to purchase Pods and capsules to use it. This Pod or capsule coffee machine has a non-standard Transparent water tank water level. We have determined that this Pod or capsule coffee machine is best for Families, Offices, Singles and couples. This Pod or capsule coffee machine takes the following pods and capsules: Aldi Alcafe Ristretto, ASDA Extra Special Intenso, Café Royal Espresso Forte Taylors Colombia Huila espresso, Cafépod Ristretto Espresso, Dualit Intense, L'Or Espresso Ristretto No. 11, Lidl Bellarom Espresso Viola, M&S Italian, Nespresso, Pact Sertao Dark Roast, Percol Organic Ethiopia Espresso, Podista Intenso, Roastworks The Espresso, Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Intenso, Starbucks Guatemala Antigua espresso capsule.

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