Russell Hobbs Purity 1.5L water filter kettle (chrome) (6 months of Brita Maxtra) (6 cartridges) (3000w)

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The Russell Hobbs Glass Water filter kettle (Russell Hobbs Purity 1.5L) in Chrome has: 100% recyclable, Better tasting water, Cartridge replacement reminder, Cord storage, Easy pouring, Electronic filter life indicator, Illumination on boil, Translucent coloured elements (except lid). The closed side handle gives this kettle a traditional appearance. The power output for this Water filter kettle is around 3000w. Anything greater than 2000W should be considered quite high. A variable temperature control is a good Water filter kettle feature to look out for, however, this Water filter kettle does not have a variable temperature control, meaning that you will not be able to adjust the default boiling temperature. This Water filter kettle has a non-standard Transparent water tank water level. The on and off switch for this Water filter kettle is conveniently located at the Bottom. This Water filter kettle has a 360 degrees cordless cord type which means it can be lifted from the base for easy pouring (recommended). This Water filter kettle has a Push button lid type (recommended). We have determined that this Water filter kettle is best for Families, has a typical Jug shape, and a Standard spout.

Russell Hobbs Purity 1.5L has the following key features!

100% recyclableBetter tasting waterCartridge replacement reminderCord storageEasy pouringElectronic filter life indicator
Illumination on boilTranslucent coloured elements (except lid)
Includes 6 x 1 month Brita Maxtra Filters
This filter uses a MAXTRA FlowControl to reduce high levels of:
  • Chlorine
  • Copper
  • Fine solids
  • Heavy metals
  • Lead
  • Limescale

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