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The Clipper Tea (Clipper fairtrade everyday) regular caffeinated. Black Tea. This is a Fairtrade certified Tea, with a 2-4 minutes brewing time. There are 250 bags per pack. This Tea has a total of 250 bags. It comes from India, Sri Lanka, in Africa, Asia.

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It's been interesting to write about the @SolarWaterPlc 'solar dome' set for Saudi Arabia's ambitious @NEOM vision. Promising $0.34/m3, the concept is a decentralised approach to #desalination using mirrors (heliostats) to heat the domes. Always appreciate analysis from @letleon

Plans by the Sustainable Aviation coalition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, even while passenger numbers grow by an expected 70%, are simply 🥧 in the sky...

Or rather: more carbon in the atmosphere. #ClimateEmergency

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