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Find your perfect water filter dispenser

With instant fresh water on-demand, a water filter dispenser is perfect for purer, healthier and better-tasting water in homes and offices.

Why choose filtered water?

Filtering tap water provides better tasting drinking water for daily consumption or as part of a tea or coffee beverage.

As water makes up to 99% of a hot drink, it is important to reduce the levels of water contaminants and other taste impairments by using a high quality water filter cartridge.

You can drink purer, healthier and better tasting water today! Just use the tool below to get started.

How to discover your new water filter dispenser

Select how knowledgeable you feel you are using the check boxes (below right).

Browse the tab choices below and select what you would like your new water filter dispenser to have.

When you have decided, click the “Update” button to load your perfect water filter dispenser suggestions.

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Your perfect water filter dispenser awaits you….


Are you looking for replacement water filter cartridges which fit your current water filter coffee machines, kettles, water dispensers, water jugs or water bottles?

Use this FREE online “Find water filter cartridge compatibility checker” tool to search our organised database of water filter coffee machines, kettles, water dispensers, water jugs or water bottles and find water filters that fit.


Lookup common water contaminants to find more information and water filter replacement cartridges.


Find out more about the features of your coffee machine, kettle, water dispenser, water jug, water bottle or water filter cartridge.


Here you can browse all of the coffee machines, kettles, water dispensers, water jugs, water bottles, water filter cartridges, coffees and teas we have indexed by their attributes (locations, unique properties and features, etc).


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