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What are the top reasons why you should buy a water filter jug?


Whether you want to improve the taste of water, or increasingly live a healthier life. 

You will probably want to involve the purest, healthiest and best tasting water.

This is why getting a water filter jug is so important.

So here’s the top reasons for getting one.

They protect your kettle from Limescale buildup

If you live in a hard water area then you might get more limescale building up in your kettle than living outside a hard water area.

But what is limescale?

Limescale is a mineral deposit that is found and in and causes hard water.

Hard water can be softened by a process known as ion exchange.

So how does a water filter jug help?

Having a water filter jug that reduces levels of limescale can help prevent limescale buildup in your kettle as there is less limescale.

Which water filter cartridges and water filter jugs reduce limescale?

The following water filter jugs and water filter cartridges reduce levels of limescale from drinking water:
15 months
BWT Anna Duomax water filter cartridge bundle (15 months of BWT Anna Duomax) (15 cartridges)
8 months
Aqua Optima Evolve 60-Day water filter cartridge bundle (8 months of Aqua Optima Evolve 60-Day) (4 cartridges)
3 months
Aqua Optima Universal water filter cartridge bundle (3 months of Aqua Optima Universal) (3 cartridges)
4 months
Brita Classic water filter cartridge bundle (4 months of Brita Classic) (4 cartridges)
1 month
FilterLogic FL601 water filter cartridge (1 month of FilterLogic FL601) (1 cartridge)

They are convenient to use

A lot of thought has gone in to the design of water filter jugs.

Most especially they can almost always fit inside a fridge door, they are designed to pour easily and some are even made to remind you of when to replace the water filter cartridge. 

We recommend looking out for a water filter jug that at least has an electronic filter life indicator.

They improve the taste of water

Now this is dependent on the water filter cartridge and the personal taste of each individual. 

However, you can see countless reviews online on websites like that suggest that the water does indeed taste better.

They remove a lot of unwanted water contaminants

There are lots of contaminants that can cause water to taste bad or don’t really do much good to human health.

See our A-Z index of common water contaminants for more information.

But are there any downsides?

There’s always pros and cons to everything. 

It does take a while for the water to filter through the water filter cartridge into the jug. 

The cost of the water filter cartridges is an additional expense.

And if you do follow our recommendation to get an electronic filter life indicator, there’s the cost of a battery coming up!


Water filter jugs improve the quality and taste of water, making it seem “purer” but it takes a while for the water to pass through the water filter cartridge into the jug.

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